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Want your record expunged or sealed in Sangamon County? How to register for consideration

Expungement and record sealing can signify a fresh start for some people with criminal records.

The Sangamon County Circuit Clerk’s Office is partnering with the Springfield Urban League, Land of Lincoln Legal Aid, the Sangamon County Bar Association and other service agencies for an expungement and record sealing opportunity for 100 pre-registered participants.

There is no “live” summit or event this year because of the the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expungement removes an arrest or charges from a person’s record.

Who qualifies to have record expunged or sealed?

According to information on the Sangamon County Circuit Clerk’s website, a person can apply to have criminal records expunged, or erased, generally if it has arrests and charges, supervisions or qualified probations that were completed successfully.

When is the deadline to register?

Pre-registration by July 23 will help determine if a person qualifies to have their record expunged or sealed.

Pre-registered participants can receive full-service assistance with filing for adult criminal record expungement, record sealing and alternative forms of relief.

Individuals will then be contacted by the Office of the State Appellate Defender (OSAD), Land of Lincoln or a private attorney as a follow-up.

Why does Sangamon County do this event? 

People with certain criminal records, even those dating from decades ago, can experience frustration and barriers when those convictions are revealed during a job search or at other times when they undergo background checks. Expungement can help give them a fresh start.

This is the fifth year his office has been involved in the expungement/record sealing, circuit clerk Paul Palazzolo said.

“With this effort, volunteer attorneys, the court system and other relevant agencies are working to give a fresh start to those who have made a commitment to turn their lives around,” Palazzolo said.

How to register? 

The pre-registration process begins by calling the OSAD at 866-787-1776 Ext 5.

A $30 background record must be obtained with Identi-Check, 525 E. Washington St.

More information is available from the circuit clerk at 217-753-6674 or by visiting the office’s website.

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