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Criminal Justice Software

JANO has software for ALL areas of your courthouse.

In 1989 we began a dream of developing Clericus Magnus for Sangamon County, Illinois. The project started out small with the creation of a child support application,  but before long it grew into a fully functional feature-rich Civil System. 

From there we expanded our offering and became a certified IBM Business Partner, a title we hold proudly. Our systems are totally compatible with IBM equipment, and as a business partner, we are backed by the full resources and services of the world’s largest developer and marketer of computer hardware.

Utilizing our knowledge in Civil system software we have now launched an arsenal of eBusiness applications to streamline processes and provide greater accessibility. That area grew considerably fast, given the aggressiveness of the fast-growing mobile device and tablet industry. Other areas like our CLOUD-based applications and Online Dispute Resolution allow us to get more done with less. In a world where there isn’t any slowing down, this is another way to get it done 24 hours a day 7 days a week, uninterrupted.

As we enter this new phase of growth, we felt it necessary to expand our offering in the area of IT Management. We offer services to help offices maintain and service their equipment and more importantly that they have a trusted partner like JANO that knows the best solutions for the best situation to help in this ever-changing and growing post-pandemic world.

Our attention to detail and total commitment to customer satisfaction propels us above the competition. Take a look around our website, and let Jano Technologies, Inc. have the opportunity to show you how we can help you save money while you are doing more with less.