Government's Technology Partner 

Let us help your local government office adapt, protect, and recover. 


As Illinois's first and only cloud-based Networking, Data Protection, and Court Case Management Solution; we move data and municipal teams into the 21st century with maximum value and reliability.

We are responsive. 


Each solution is configured by county from the floor up and includes implementation, training, and support services to keep data transition and software migration smooth and fast. We can help you work efficiently and save money.

No matter what the situation, JANO has you covered.  

Since 1989, JANO Technologies has helped local government offices host and support their hardware and IT infrastructures. Our attention to detail will help keep your office available, efficient, and protected.


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No Matter what your PAIN is JANO can help.

Difficult times require us to change and to change quickly.  JANO specializes in staying up to speed with the best practices and solutions to get the job done.  We implement and support those tools for our clients, so they don't have to worry EVER.  If you are with JANO, you are ALWAYS protected. 


We offer a FREE consultation to evaluate your needs and help build a strong technology plan for the future.  JANO maintains industry best practices and ensures that we are using only the best most up to date hardware and software. 


We offer both CLOUD and Site-Based Solutions that include our suite of eBusiness tools and IT managed services, allowing us to be THE solution for local government offices of all sizes 

Updating your technology is a painful task no matter how small the project.  Researching what to get and then how to use it can be very stressful.  Let JANO take away that headache.


JANO's Solutions are Implemented, Reliable, Efficient, Protected, Secure and Maintained.  

Court Case Managment

Network Design

Managed IT Services

Network Installation and Support 

Disaster Recovery

Consulting Services



The pandemic made us realize that we were not prepared at all.  Thanks to JANO we had implemented steps so that never happens again.  Moving our server into the cloud, investing in disaster recovery and offering remote appearance and access means we are never down and don't have to worry.  JANO has us covered.


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Tel: (800) 250-9884

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